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Epoxy Coating

An epoxy coating is a liquid resin combined with a hardening agent, applied in a variety of thicknesses over new or existing concrete to create a well-suited flooring surface. The resin is either clear or very lightly coloured, and possesses no odour. When it is mixed with the hardener, a chemical reaction begins that transforms the resin into a strong, plastic-like surface. While it is hardening, epoxy is extremely adhesive, so it securely bonds to the bottom surface and the edges of any walls. After hardening, the seamless floor becomes strong, durable and chemically resistant. In addition, epoxy floors have several other notable benefits, including the following:
High gloss material that can be easily polished to a beautiful shine
Environmentally friendly
Non-porous and resist spills, stains and chemical etching.
Easy to clean.
Safe because they are slip resistant and fire resistant.
Impact resistant for improved durability.
Very affordable and are considered to be one of the most cost-efficient flooring materials available today.
and it comes in many variety's and colours

Popular for:
Residential – Garages, Basements
Industrial – walking /forklift areas
Retail – walking areas